The foundations for success

Dedicated support you know by name

When it comes to support, you’re never left wondering where to turn. From the beginning, you’re given a Customer Success Manager (CSM). It’s one person with one mission—to do everything they can to support your practice’s success. They’re knowledgeable about the specific needs of your specialty and how our solutions can best serve you. See how Headland Family Medicine’s CSM helps them succeed.

Onboarding that prepares you for your journey

From assessing your practice’s needs to tailoring our solutions to meet them, our onboarding team works to ensure your staff has the training and resources to feel confident on day one.

  • Phase 1

    Analyze your practice and assess your needs.

  • Phase 2

    Personalize the configuration and workflows of your solutions to best support your practice.

  • Train_2x.png

    Phase 3

    Train your providers, administrators, and staff and prepare them for go-live.

  • Phase 4

    Optimize your workflows and continue to help your staff develop expertise in our solutions.

Opportunities to continue developing your skills:

  • Unlimited 1:1 coaching sessions for your providers and administrators
  • Virtual training focused on specific functionalities and workflows
  • eLearning videos available for self-paced learning

When the unexpected happens

  • Live customer support1

    Get live customer support through chat, email, web support, or over the phone whenever you need it 24/7.

  • < 2 minutes on hold1

    Callers spend an average of less than two minutes waiting to speak with a live support person.

  • 87% of issues are resolved within one business day2

  • Customer satisfaction rating of 95%+3

Helping drive tomorrow’s success

Achieving short and long-term goals becomes easier when you monitor your practice’s performance with your CSM. By working together, and using data from our network, you’re able to set benchmarks and identify opportunities for administrative and staff improvement.

Tracking your performance

Get an instant snapshot of your practice’s performance, as well as actionable insights to help drive more revenue with our Insights Dashboards.

Your voice matters

Your input affects our approach to product enhancements and customer resources. The proof is in our features.

  • Feedback_2x.png


    of our new product features in 2020 originated from customer feedback

  • UserGroup_1_2x.png


    customer-led, specialty-specific user groups who connect to share best practices5

  • UserGroup_2x.png


    of our customers are active within our Success Community6

Additional customer success insights

Check out deep dives into specific customer success resources and stories on how our support teams help drive customer success.

1 Based on Five9 data as of Q1 2021
2Based on Salesforce data as of Q1 2021
3Based on Salesforce data as of Q1 2020
4Based on athenaOne Voice of the Customer data as of 2020
5Based on Salesforce and Gainsight data as of Q1 2021
6Based on 2020 athenaNet data