The Book of Acts

The Acts of the Apostles (Acts, for short) is the second part of the work that begins with the Gospel of Luke, it starts with Jesus’ ascension and then describes what the disciples did.


Did you know that Acts is actually our first church history textbook?

     The major event after the ascension is the coming of the Holy Spirit.

          Some argue that the book should be entitled “Acts of the Holy Spirit,” and we see that Dr. Luke is interested in showing how the disciples followed the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

          Ultimately, the book of Acts follows the same thread that is throughout the entire Bible, which is to show God’s activity in the world – miracles, conversions, baptisms all reveal God’s work that is directly correlated with the preaching of the good news, the gospel.

          The church today should strive towards communicating the gospel and see God’s work in its life as a result.

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Acts Series Audio

Study 1 - Waiting

Acts: Chapter 1

Waiting For God

Study Notes 1

Originally Delivered: October 5, 2014

What is the hardest part of waiting for God’s timing?

Study 2 - Strength

Acts: Chapter 1

Strengthened By The Spirit

Study Notes 2

Originally Delivered: October 12, 2014

What gifts of the Spirit have you experienced?

How has the Holy Spirit empowered you?

Study 3 - Preaching

Acts: Chapter 2

Spirit-Filled Preaching

Study 3 Notes

Originally Delivered: October 19, 2014.

What makes for a good sermon?

How can God speak through a sermon?

Study 4 - Church

Acts: Chapter 3

Being The Church

(Audio Unavailable)

Study 4 Notes

Originally Delivered: October 26, 2014

What were some characteristics of the first church?

How can we better emulate them?

Study 5 - Healing

Acts: Chapter 3

God's Healing

Study 5 Notes

Originally Delivered: November 2, 2014

Why does God heal people?

What can I do when sickness strikes?

Study 6 - Name

Acts: Chapter 3

What's In a Name?

Study 6 Notes

Originally Delivered: November 9, 2014

What’s so special about the name “Jesus”?

What does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name?

Study 7 - Faith

Acts: Chapter 4

Faith & Persecution

Study 7 Notes

Originally Delivered: November 16, 2014

What was God’s answer to persecution?

What do we learn from Barnabas?

Study 8 - First Church

Acts: Chapter 6

Just Like The First Church

Study 8 Notes

Originally Delivered: November 30, 2014

Have you faced conflict in the church?

What must a church do when conflict arises?

Study 9 - Ready

Acts: Chapter 6 & 7

Always Ready

Study 9 Notes

Originally Delivered: December 7, 2014

How were Stephen and Jesus similar?

What helps you get clarity about Jesus?

Study 10 - Spirit

Acts: Chapter 8


Study 10 Notes

Originally Delivered: December 14, 2014

What helps you grow spiritually?

What is your understanding of Baptism?

Study 11 - Paul

Acts: Chapter 9

Paul Is Born

Study 11 Notes

Originally Delivered: December 21, 2014

Through Paul’s conversion, what do we learn about the relationship between Jesus and the church?

How do people persecute the church today?

Study 12 - Obedience

Acts: Chapter 9

Obedience: Evidence Of The Spirit

Study 12 Notes

Originally Delivered: December 28, 2014

What is the most challenging area in your life to trust God with?

What hinders your obedience to God?

Study 13 - Formative

Acts: Chapter 10

The Formative Years

Study 13 Notes

Originally Delivered: January 4, 2015

How has your spiritual life been formed?

What part has the churched played in that formation?

Study 14 - Change

Acts: Chapter 10

Peter & Cornelius

Study 14 Notes

Originally Delivered: January 11, 2015

What kind of man was Cornelius?

What did Peter need to change?

Study 15 - Identity

Acts: Chapter 11

Our Identity

Study 15 Notes

Originally Delivered: January 18, 2015

What do we learn from Barnabas?

What were some characteristics of the early church that we can learn from?

Study 16 - Attacks

Acts: Chapter 12

When The Enemy Attacks

Study 16 Notes

Originally Delivered: January 25, 2015

As a believer, how can you identify who/what the enemy is?

What was the church’s response to attacks?

Study 17 - The Journey

Acts: Chapter 13

The Journey Begins

Study 17 Notes

Originally Delivered: February 1, 2015

How did God speak to Paul and Barnabas?

What makes a church get out of “survival mode”?

Study 18 - Jerusalem

Acts: Chapter 15

The Meeting In Jerusalem

Study 18 Notes

Originally Delivered: February 15, 2015

What kind of problem did the church have?

How did they deal with the problem?

Study 19 - Missionary

Acts: Chapter 16

Second Missionary Journey

Study 19 Notes

Originally Delivered: February 22, 2015

Why did Paul revisit some of the churches on his 2nd journey?

What do we learn from Paul and Silas in prison?

Study 20 - Upside

Acts: Chapter 17

Upside Down

Study 20 Notes

Originally Delivered: March 1, 2015

What were the spiritual principles that turned the world upside down?

Study 21 - Steadfastness

Acts: Chapter 21

Being Steadfast

Study 21 Notes

Originally Delivered: April 12, 2015

How is Paul’s steadfastness in his mission evident?

In what area do you struggle with being steadfast?

Study 22 - Testimony

Acts: Chapter 22

Bearing Witness

Study 22 Notes

Originally Delivered: April 19, 2015

What is your testimony?

Do you tell of what God has done in your life?

Study 23 - Procrastination

Acts: Chapter 24

Putting Off God

Study 23 Notes

Originally Delivered: April 26, 2015

What do you learn from Felix?

How does procrastination effect one’s spiritual life?

Study 24 - Purpose

Acts: Chapter 25

What Are We Doing Here?

Study 24 Notes

Originally Delivered: May 3, 2015

What are the elements of your testimony?

What can you learn from Paul’s testimony?

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