Nazarene Youth Conference 2015

Nazarene Youth Conference, presented by Nazarene Youth International, is an exciting and life changing event for high school students, occurring just once every four years. The second largest event sponsored by the Church of the Nazarene, NYC is open to all students entering 9th grade in the fall 2015 and those just graduating as members of the class of 2015


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NYC 15

What is NYC15—Thy Kingdom Come?

When and where is NYC15?

NYC (Nazarene Youth Conference) is an exciting and life-changing event for high school students and it only happens once every four years! Through an experience overflowing with dynamic speakers, powerful worship services, high-energy concerts from leading artists in Christian music, service projects that impact the host city in significant ways, and so much more, NYC 2015 has the power to transform hearts and lives in amazing ways.

At this conference we will explore how to experience and participate in the transformational power of God, understand how the kingdoms of this earth are different from the kingdom of God, discover effective ways to enter into God’s kingdom now, and engage in the work of God to bring His kingdom to our homes, schools, and cities. Come join us as we envision God’s Kingdom Come!

The event will take place in Louisville, Kentucky at the International Convention Center (KICC) and Downtown Arena. The actual conference dates are July 8-12, 2015. However, we have additional activities that we will take part in and are planning to depart from Los Angeles on Monday July 6, 2015 and will return Monday, July 13, 2015. These dates may change according to airline and hotel availability.


Who can attend NYc15?

•Any student who is going into or graduating from high school in 2015 (yes, incoming freshman can come too) and of course all those in between.

•Adults who are approved by their district as a sponsor and have undergone a background check. There is a required sponsor to student ratio of 1:8. Priority will given to sponsors that are paid youth workers first. To be considered, it is imperative to fit within the 1:8 ratio.

Why should I go?

This event will be one of the highlights of your life and one you will remember for years to come! How many chances do we have as high school students to meet teenagers from all over the United States and Canada and worship with ten thousand people just like us? The relationships you establish at NYC will be life changing and the impact of God’s presence and touch transformational.

For more information, visit:!ladnyinyc2015/c7ay

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