Access and share clinical data more efficiently

Get a 360-degree view of your members’ clinical data at scale, without the cost and burden of manual chart pulls. athenahealth’s cloud-based Health Plan Data Exchange delivers clinical data in real-time whenever an encounter is closed. It also helps meet the requirements of key programs, including HEDIS, CMS’s 5-star rating, and CMS’s Medicare Advantage. Health Plan Data Exchange helps your organization collect incentives, reduce duplicative care, and enables better care for your members.

Enabling and partnering with health plans

Having the ability to exchange member clinical data at scale can play a crucial role in improving healthcare quality while reducing costs. Hear our chief product officer discuss how our network can give your organization access to that data and enable quick and effective collaboration at the point of care.


The data exchange of the future is already here

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how the lack of consistent, standardized, electronic data exchange has fragmented healthcare. Hear how health plans that support electronic data exchange are helping enable better engagement with providers, close member care gaps, and improve quality initiatives in what is rapidly becoming a virtual care world.


Collaborating with Humana to improve healthcare outcomes

We’ve partnered with Humana to marry patients’ medical records with insights from their health plan data to support decision-making during the moment of care. By integrating supplemental and clinical data in real-time, we empower providers with greater visibility into their patient’s needs and medical history.